Baggio Latte Whole UHT Milk



Design: Estudio De Vit
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: RPB S.A.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Packaging Contents: UHT Whole Milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper: Tetra Pak
Printing Process: Printing Process: Flexography Photoprocess

Baggio Latte is one of the white milk brands of RPB S.A. This line presented an outdated packaging that had not received updates many years ago.

The challenge was to maintain some characteristic elements and reinforce the same conceptual content.

Elements of the pack were accentuated as the logo with a greater prominence, reinforcing the iconic features of the brand as the chromatic identity, without generating disruptive or dramatic changes that will deconfigure the current perception of the product.

What’s Unique?
With this packaging renewal we intend to reposition the brand in the white milk segment, that is why we work in every detail to obtain optimal packaging for its category.