Derrick Lin


Design: Ziijn
Project Type: Concept
Location: Poland
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar, Paper pouch, Plastic pouch
Printing Process: Diecut

LÁNG, a Hungarian word, in English it means means FLAME. That is the name of a brand new hand-picked, organic spice line that uses only the finest and freshest plants to make all customers feel like if they would have them from their own back-garden. The best quality is guaranteed by experienced harvesters of spices and vegetables.

In times when everything is digital we intuitionally search for something human. Something that has the sign of a human touch on it. Something that is crafted. Manufactured in small batches. That holds the outstanding quality of hand-made art. This was at the front of our eyes, when we created the packaging design and promotional campaign of the LÁNG organic spice line. The packaging uses refurbished materials like recycled paper, glass jars, or reused plastic waste to make sure the environment is not polluted with one single bit more.

This is a case-study dedicated as a tribute to the FMCG industry.