Odkolek – Redesigned


Design: Cocoon
Designers: Anna Belousova, Michal Kraus
Case Study Designer: Adam Roller
3D Visualizer: Petr Ludvík
Animation: Petr Ludvík
Photography: Adéla Bláhová
Brand Strategy: Jakub Plášek
Project Managemen: Anna Hladíková
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: United Bakeries
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Bread
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

ODKOLEK, one of the oldest Czech bakeries, approached us at Cocoon wanting a long-term strategy for brand communication. Currently owned by United Bakeries, it is experiencing a rebirth as an umbrella brand with the greatest potential to compete on the market. Therefore, ODKOLEK needed to update their visual identity without sacrificing their heritage.

What’s Unique?
In order to keep this balance of the past and present, we kept the timeless ODKOLEK logo, but simplified the typography. Historical photographs illustrating the brand’s roots depict scenes from František Odkolek’s original bakeries.