Becherovka Ukraine. To Independence!


A Limited Edition expressing freedom, young spirit and modern face of today’s Ukraine pays tribute to a special milestone. In 2021, Ukraine celebrates a unique anniversary: 3 decades of its independence. By the Cocoon’s design of this special edition, Becherovka celebrates it together with the whole nation. Surely not only because toasting is the obvious reason to connect a liqueur with celebration of exceptional moments. But because as brand, by its own spirit, it embraces the resonation with this evolving, brave and great country.

To achieve this, we selected a modern illustration style with playful and unconventionally dynamic style. The label depicts two young people strolling, dancing and playing music on an open field. To symbolize freedom, independence, no limits, but also to celebrate the nature. The music theme goes hand in hand with what is in the nation’s blood. Music and culture that balances the traditional with modern scene, which gained the possibility to develop its own story since the Independence declaration in 1991.A new label has been designed with several ambitions: to address a younger target audience, to bring outstanding visibility on shelf, to become a “collectible” for the consumers, to empower the modern spirit of the brand, and to pay tribute to the up-to-date spirit of Ukraine. ​​

Choice of colors basis on great grounds – the brand’s blue and yellow original colors match with the national colors. The yellow and blue – split horizontally on the label to resemble the national flag – are completed with vibrant orange to bring a modern and bold look. The typical, yet modern flowers, as well as the typography finish the label with temporary decorative elements.

The overall impression of the bottle is a balance of tribute to traditional and expressively fresh and modern look. We believe it is not only a step to celebrate the Independence and connection with this country. But also to become a more celebrated herbal liqueur, which is relevant for the independently spirited generation. Whether enjoyed neatly, in an original mixed drink, on a festival, in a bar, on the Day of Independence, or any other day, which can be as special as that.Cheers to the passion for independence, Ukraine!



Design Director: Martynas Birškys

Designer: Sashko Rogovets

Creative Director: Karolína Bělohlávková

Illustration: Sashko Rogovets

Key visual: Sasha Sharavarau

Account Manager: Lenka Kudějová

Account Director: Ana Maselli

Visualizer and 3D: Petr Ludvík

Artwork: Robert Špecián

Animation: Tomáš Drábek

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