Optimeal. Beauty born from the sea.


Cocoon’s passion for complex projects has materialized in the Beauty sub-brand of Optimeal petfood, which we co-created from scratch.

We were thrilled when one of our favorite clients, Ukrainian pet food company Kormotech, approached us with the idea of launching a super-premium pet food range and recruiting our help to give birth to this innovation. The task was to create an appealing identity and design of a new sub-range under the Optimeal brand which would clearly communicate a natural & healthy food product capable of enhancing your pet’s beauty. There were several challenges we had to face. We needed to solve the appropriate brand architecture – specifically, how the new Beauty line should fit into the current Optimeal portfolio. We also had to decide how to name the line and its individual products, how to make the brand recognized as a super-premium, healthy and natural pet food, and, last but not least, how to avoid being obvious when communicating beauty and exclusiveness.

We proceeded step by step. In workshops, involving the client, of course, we focused on clarifying the concept of a beauty-focused pet food. The outputs and additional discussions helped us narrow down the meanings and brand values that form the new line so that we could start working on creative concepts that would have the most relevance and appeal to a very specific target audience of pet owners who have high expectations of the overall appearance and performance of their companions.

Multiple creative directions were explored. The elegant, stylish, and almost cosmetic ones along with the purely functional and health-focused were rejected in favour of communicating the food’s marine origin and naturalness. Finally, we worked out a theme around marine life that builds on the belief that true beauty reflects the perfection of nature and that clean environments produce the purest food. In this sense, oceans and seas represent pure, wild, and natural sources of “authentic” (the ideal for humans and animals) and healthy food. In other words, the best diet for beauty.

The Beauty range, despite being rather independent and positioned as super-premium, maintains a recognizable connection with the Optimeal mother brand. The signature “O” symbol serves as the subtle key element organizing the whole packaging layout and connects the range with its Optimeal mother brand.



Designer: Helena Černá

Creative Director: Karolína Bělohlávková 

Account Director: Ana Maselli

Account Manager: Iveta Lysoňková, Kristýna Štěpánková

Strategy: Jakub Plášek 

Illustrations: Helena Černá, Petra Žabová

Artworker: Robert Špecián, Jana Klimentová 

3D Visualizer: Petr Ludvík 

Photographer: José Sabino Jr.