Bayna Skincare



Agency: SVIDesign
Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator: Sasha Vidakovic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bayna
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Packaging Contents: Skin creams and milk for hands, face & body
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic containers and bottles
Printing Process: Digital printing

We were asked to create brand identity for hand made skin-care range of products. It had to clearly differentiate the brand and its process of making good quality products from bigger, more comercial competitors… Big cosmetic brands have a huge technological, technical and marketing advantage that is almost impossible to compete with. So, the founders chose the underdog strategy and launched BAYNA as personal, natural and hand-made cosmetics, similar to cosmetics ranges of our grand parents’ times. The quality of the products is the key driver to build loyalty and trust in the brand – it appeals to customers in a way that is simply not credible or believable for bigger companies…

A hand-drawn logo and patterns were created to emphasise the hand-made and human nature of BAYNA products. Each range of products (for hands, face, body, feet, sun) has its own patter which is applied on relevant packaging… Colour palette is reduced to predominantly black and white to, again, communicate honesty with an accent of colour relevant to scents used on some products…

What’s Unique?
As budgets were really tight – we needed to create an unique, quality brand whilst using affordable materials and standard designs for bottles and jars. During our research, we found that most, cosmetic brands are multi-colour. By adopting a simple black and white palette, we are increasing visibility and recognition in this sector. Also, printing is much more cost-effective when using just one (or two) colours. In other words, what seemed like a limitation at the start became our advantage later. Most importantly, a monochromatic colour palette was in line with the brand – simple, honest and personal…