Lotus Foods Ramen Noodle Cups

Derrick Lin


Design: Bulldog Drummond
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Ramen noodles
Location: USA

Following the success of their Rice Ramen noodle line, Lotus Foods wanted to continue to evolve their brand by creating a more convenient and portable product—the instant noodle cup. Entering a totally new space, they turned to Bulldog Drummond to help them transform this popular but outdated category with a healthier, more flavorful and sustainably sourced rice noodle option that would stand out on shelf.

Bulldog explored new designs that blend Lotus Foods’ more sophisticated and natural look with more fun and whimsical design elements. Bold typographic lockups keep a strong connection to the core brand, while bright colors and playful patterns push this line into a more modern space. Partnered with clever language, the packaging brings the flavors to life while clearly differentiating this cup from its bland competitive shelf set. Launching in traditional Asian flavors, like Tom Yum and Red Miso, this Rice Ramen is poised to help reinvigorate a staid category and look great doing it.

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