Perdue Packaging Rebrand

Derrick Lin


Design: Enlisted Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Perdue
Location: Oakland, California
Packaging Contents: Chicken

Iconic chicken brand Perdue just unveiled a vastly improved new package design that’s wildly ahead of the flock.

Celebrating the brand’s future-forward animal care initiatives, Bay Area creative agency Enlisted Design created an entirely new visual language that’s bright, modern—and anything but expected for a mass CPG brand.

With whimsical illustrations; vibrant hues; and bold, minimalist typography the redesign storytells the brand’s all-natural poultry promise and progressive farming efforts.

What’s Unique?
Iconic poultry brand Perdue tasked Enlisted Design to help their packaging standout from the flock. Our goal was to better reflect the brand’s leading-edge animal care efforts and all-natural products, while maintaining current consumer trust and appealing to younger generations.

Perdue is a brand leader in animal care, and just like their forward-thinking initiatives, they wanted the new design to go beyond what’s easy, comfortable or expected of typical mass CPG brands. They sought a modern look, remarkably unique from competitors that clearly communicates their progressive efforts.

This was an amazing three-year process encompassing thorough brand, consumer, and competitive research. We began by uncovering the voice and vision—collaborating with the Perdue team to identify key messaging. This was followed by extensive qualitative and quantitative consumer testing, which was enormously beneficial and critical to the redesign. Based on consumer feedback, we created numerous packaging iterations—refining and honing to create the best-tested packaging design.

Through storybook-style illustrations, we created a signature farm scene that captures the brand’s bright, optimistic, future-forward vision. Hand-drawn details combine with wood-grain textures to bring the rustic pasture to life—from farmhouses, fences, sunshine, and marigolds to ingredients in the chickens’ natural diet (herbs, corn, and soy beans). The bold, uncluttered typography and clear benefits help consumers easily identify products on shelf. And we evolved the brand’s iconic blue to brighter, fresh, more modern hues.