Agency: UPRISE
Creative Director: Aleksandr Orlov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Piteko
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Functional products, dietary supplement

FIT ACTIVE is a godsend for people who control body weight, lead an active lifestyle and play sports. A variety of products are produced under this brand: energy caramel, a line of dietary supplements, protein mixtures for making pancakes and fritters, hot chocolate, syrups.

“For different product categories, various design codes are used that work in this category, so it was necessary to create a brand designer, mobile and easily adaptable, while ensuring brand awareness,” says creative director Alexander Orlov. The unified structure of the layout and the font solution, the use of the triangular shape of the logblock as a forming element of the package made it possible to solve this problem. All UTP of a product are collected in one place – in the RTB-block – which facilitates the reading of important information by the consumer and keeps the design clean. In the log-block, the triangle-arrow symbolizes the forward movement, and the twisting edges add torque and dynamics. Chopped dense letters – modern and pro-sports – form a compact logo.

“There are many similar brands in the market, both domestic and foreign, while Russian brands are gaining popularity by offering a quality product at an affordable price – this makes the FIT ACTIVE brand interesting for the buyer,” adds Alena Kuznetsova, Client Relations Director the parties tried to give this also a “tasty” look.”