Design: Funky Business
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designer: Sergey Ryadovoy
Food Photography: Feel Factory agency
Project manager: Anna Raskova, Yulia Ugrumova
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: PRODO
Location: Ekaterinbug, Russia
Packaging Contents: Chicken
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

The PRODO group of companies, the largest agricultural manufacturer in Russia, appealed to branding agency Funky Business to redesign its Rococo brand.

The agency was tasked to make the product more attractive to target audience — people who value the quality of ingredients for homemade dishes. We achieved this with a new visual packaging concept. Food photography has become an important design element. On the packages we created patterns of ingredients for cooking. This kind of food-styling awakens imagination: spices, fruits and vegetables, invite to experiment and amaze guests with Rococo.

The product line “Kitchen of the World” takes its name from recipes of the famous regions of the planet. Dishes are presented on plates, allowing you to present exquisite products in your kitchen. Laying out ingredients, post-cards from different locations and finished product allows to expand the line and add new recipes from around the world.

We concentrate on USP: «Rococo» is not just a high-quality chicken product, it is a refinement in cooking. We combine the original cursive font and minimalism. We retained recognition for loyal customers and gave the brand opportunity to speak the language of a modern person and meet their needs. Important information is presented on the front, selling the product in literally seconds of reading.

New Rococo packaging is example of how the right visual concept can tell a story and highlight product on the shelf. We get the image of a premium, exquisite and high-quality product, which it is.