Derrick Lin


Agency: Chemistry brands
Creative director: Lina Nazyrova
Сreative designer: Ksenia Eliseeva
Photographer: Irine Ayangma
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lucky underwear
Production : Hardcore Press Alexander Eliseev
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Women underwear
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Letterpress

Chemistry brands created identity, packaging design and lookbook for women lingerie brand.

We designed S&T as a truely feminine brand with massive charisma.

An import part of the brand philosophy is what woman feels like in a changing world. The way she wants to expresses herself today. The way she experiences life. We clearly understood – mass brands do not coincide with woman’s self-awareness today.

While being interviewed women would say «We are tired of being good, perfect, sexy in common understanding, commercials with girls in «right seductive postures» that look out of every lingerie window are quite irritating». «I ain’t for sexual revolution I just want to be me – to have my moods fall in love, to be funny, hate, experience – to be awesome! I don’t want to live up to any imposed image of a woman – I am a woman!»
Woman of S&T plays her life the way she wants. There is no taboo for her. She is not afraid to reveal her sexuality without playing girl or sex-nymph. She experiences life. She is awesome bold and free!

What’s Unique?
Style is based on ironic perception of a surreal images – making fun of «femme fatale» image and «woman has to have a mystery» classic statement.