Boathouse Restaurant

Derrick Lin


Design: Matt Hubbard
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ball State University
Course: Visual Communication 3
Tutor: Shantanu Suman
Location: Muncie, IN United States
Packaging Contents: Seafood
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

For this project I was tasked to find a restaurant and develop a design for a food truck and pieces that would be used with it, such as a menu and food packaging. When doing research I wanted to choose a restaurant that I thought a food truck would benefit the businesses location. The business I chose, the building has had businesses come and go and I believe this had to do to their location, which is hidden and hard to see from a street view. Having a food truck would help get their name in the public view at farther distances. What you see is the food packaging portion of this project. The boxes would hold their entrée’s, such as fish and chips, and the two cup sizes would hold their soup options.

When designing I wanted to keep a similar aesthetic to their current Identity, but still making it my own. For their identity I designed my own version of their logo. I chose a serif typeface as the primary and a san serif for secondary information. The color pallete I applied a muted blue and sandy brown colors to keep a coastal feel. In the Imagery I made the captains wheel to be used as a recognizable icon to associate with the business. I wanted to give the packaging an illustrative element with the fishing nets draped from the top, and wrapping around the sides.

What’s Unique?
When picking what kind of box I wanted for the food, I was looking for a shape that would reflect the theme of being coastal. To me the shape subtly resembles the shape of a boat with the side angling outward.