Company: 30&40
Glassware Designer: Thibault Patte
Graphic Designer: Aymeric Dutheil
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Paris, France
Packaging Contents: Calvados and spirits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset / Hot foil stamping / Embossing

30&40 is an Independent bottler of Calvados created in 2015 by three passionate friends, aiming to highlight the richness of Normandie’s terroir and to offer new expressions of it’s incredible apple brandy, unfairly put aside of the spirits stage for years. They work with local producers in Normandie to offer a very complete range of products, bringing justice to the deserving-to-be-known savoir-faire. 30&40 recently released three single cask Calvados (Apple Brandies), visiting producers, discovering their products, and finally bottling what they considered to be the truest expressions of Normandie. A 3 years Ferme des Parquets, a 15 years Garnier and 25 years Michel Huard, very unique and flavourful. They work on their own blends as well, hand in hand with producers : a Calvados (10 years old), but also a low-ABV aperitif (Double jus, 23 %) and a more traditional expression of the normand lands (Eau-de-vie de cidre, 45 %).

The point of these expressions is a desire to bring justice to Calvados. A drink that, while being less known than other brandies, is just as interesting, if not more, considering the varieties of fruits and techniques involved in its production. With this in mind, 30&40 designed their own bottles, which is rather unusual in the business, to emphasise this unique approach. With its early 20 th century accents and slick design, the bottles reflect the search for simplicity and transparence that surrounds 30&40 releases : let the product speak for itself while enhancing the french tradition with the packaging.

What’s Unique?
What makes 30&40’s packaging very unique is that the founders designed it together, they did not use the services of a creative agency, or try to copy what was on the market of Calvados and brandies at that time. They opted for clean lines, to make Calvados appear as modern as it should be, and round angles to underline the round intriguing notes of distilled apple ciders. The clear glassware serves this purpose as well : show the colour of the liquid, because it is unique, and greatly changes from one Calvados to the other. The labels are straightforward, with neutral tones and modern fonts, and compliment with taste the products. The labels are printed on Tyvek®, which is a first in the spirits industry. This material made from recycled plastic is water resistant and tear resistant, allowing easy removal and reuse of the bottle as a water carafe.