Derrick Lin


Design: ARENAS®lab
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bendes Studio
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Jewelry
Packaging Substrate / Materials: White boxes made of a design cardboard and black leather cases
Printing Process: Blind embossing and blind stamping

Design of a new brand and a product line
Béndes Studio is one of the most recognizable wedding jewelry companies in Russia. Together with the guide of Béndes Studio, ARENAS@lab team developed the brand vision, redefined company image and designed new characteristics of jewelry and Béndes retail environment. By series of iterations an integrated strategy of product line development was created for different groups of clientele, a range of guidelines, training materials to implement a new design system.

Jewelry new model
In the world of new channels of communication, technologies and enlightened clients the changes are our life force. To create a more forward-looking version of itself Béndes Studio reached out to ARENAS@lab. The brand was already in the process of optimization that is why we began the project with a new structure of the brand and elaboration of its new visual identification.

Packaging of jewelry and accessories
When designing packaging it is pivotal to take into account the diversity of packaging forms (from small boxes to big cases) as well as making them flexible and harmonious reducing the cost of their production at the same time.

We came up with two types of packaging for the products:

  • white boxes made of a design cardboard
  • black leather cases

White boxes are basic for Béndes Studio products with interior design foam rubber for jewelry safekeeping.

Black Béndes Studio leather cases are designed for special occasions. Inspired by Cartier and Tiffany cases they do not concede to the former brands in as much as the impression, material and the level of execution is concerned. They outstrip the mentioned brands in tactile impressions since their interior is made of velour.

A moderate and elegant design of the packaging does not steal the initiative, it accentuates and adds up upon the image of Béndes Studio jewelry. In addition, the balanced typography and printing devices originate the feeling of a monumental and self-consistent object.

Specification and technical sketches for production were exclusively developed for every article.

“There remains no room for complacency as we strive for bringing the quality of our materials to the ones assigned in the concept and guidelines.” – Pavel Kelin, The executive director of Béndes Studio