Kawai Cups

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Design: Shagun Parab
Project Type: Student Project
School: Indian School of Design and Innovation
Course: Communication Design
Tutor: Ms Utkarsha Malkar
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: Frozen Yoghurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Printing Process: Printing

This was a sustainable packaging assignment in which we were asked to think of packaging for a product/products which would be sustainable and reusable, even recyclable if possible.The aim was to preferably pick an existing brand and do the packaging for that brand all over again.

I decided to pick frozen yoghurt cup packaging for my individual assignment. The background story is such that every time I go to an ice cream parlor or a fro-yo parlor, I see customers throw away their cups after they are done with their share. This made me wonder how many such cups are thrown into trash cans on a single day. These cups are made out of plastic, styrofoam and the ones made out of paper are lined with a layer of wax, rendering it useless after one use since they are non-biodegradable in nature.

This new range of frozen yoghurt would be launched under an already existing gelato brand called ‘Melt.In’ which is based in Ahmedabad. This brand has an aesthetic which is very modern and fun at the same time and it went well with what I had in mind for my packaging design. The entire brand was inspired by Japanese flavours and Japanese minimal but impactful design. Hence, the Japanese name too – ‘Kawai Cups’

What’s Unique?
Whats unique about this is the fact that there are very few places in India which have Frozen Yoghurt inspired from Japanese flavors. Also, PLA is a form of bioplastic which is biodegradable in nature unlike the regular ones made out of plastic, styrofoam or wax lined paper. They are not like the regular ones which are soft. They are harder and can be re used to store items like jewellery and other small accessories thus reducing waste.