Design: Alberto Troni
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art university
Course: GR 321 – Package Design 1
Tutor: Beau Monroe
Location: San Francisco CA
Packaging Contents: Cannabis Products & Infused Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing, Foil Stamping

Inspired by the rich, heady tradition of transcendental Sadhu monks and India’s breadth of culture, Sadhu is a premium fictional cannabis dispensary located in California. Offering a wide array of indulgent products, from potent flowers to medicinal chocolates, Sadhu is an enlighted experience.

Starting with the objective of removing the stigmatization on cannabis, I decided to create a contemporary and exclusive lifestyle brand made to attract discerning customers. Sadhu draws from nature, traditional objects and symbols, refining these familiar elements into a new manifestation of meditative values. The logo is a combination of Ganesh’s symbol and a custom-made wordmark to recall the style of the traditional Hindu scriptures.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is 100% compostable since is made only in paper.