Squad Ink

Agency: Squad Ink
Creative Director, Art Direction: Matthew Squadrito
Designer: Jess Browne
Photography: Lucas Peng
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Black Brewing Co
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cans, Bottle
Printing Process: Offset, Digital

From its home in Margaret River, Western Australia, nestled between two capes and the rugged Indian coastline – Black Brewing Co. is pioneering some of Australia’s most damn refreshing beers.

Our brief was to reposition their range of five beers. The brand faced a misalignment in place, product and personality. Their wild home which is a major draw card was underutilised; Products are lighter and refreshing however perceived as heavy and unsessionable; The people behind their brews are adventurous, knowledgeable and honest which misaligned with the elite, urban brand style.

We naturally looked to their home, an unforgiving sea wraps the coast fuelling a much-loved extreme sport culture, and the vast lands that flourish with native flora offer diversity in flavour and colour.

Why a man straddling a Marron you might ask?

The black marron, native to Margaret River is what locals call a “Black Chook”. The brewing team hunt these beauties so we adopted it as the brewery mascot and paired him with a ripped god-like warrior – a symbol of Black’s thirst for adventure amongst the wild land and sea they call home.

The idea of balance is symbolised through the diagonal two-tone graphic. Wild nature balances with sirene beauty and an adventurous attitude balances with meticulous brewing methods.

The striking design cuts through the craft beer scene with bold colour and form yet remains true to Black’s unique personality, product style and home.