Spinato’s Pizza Rebrand

Derrick Lin


Design: Perspective: Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Spinato’s Fine Foods
Location: Tempe, AZ, USA
Packaging Contents: Gluten-free, broccoli crust, frozen pizza
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and carton stock
Printing Process: Flexography and lithography

The Art of Pizza: Spinato’s Launches Broccoli Crust Pizzas With Packaging Design Paying Homage to Italian Artistry

For more than 40 years, the Spinato family’s passion for great pizza has shined at their five popular Phoenix-area restaurants, and more recently, through their delicious range of gluten-free frozen pizzas sold nationwide.

With cauliflower crust pizzas gaining in popularity and plant-based foods on the rise, Spinato’s saw an opportunity to develop a new line of broccoli crust, gluten-free pizzas to provide people with a great-tasting, convenient and healthy alternative to other vegetable- and plant-based pizzas on the market.

“This truly relates to empowerment on the part of the consumer to make smarter choices that don’t forgo any benefits,” says President Anthony Spinato. “Our broccoli crust is much higher in vitamin D and calcium compared to cauliflower crust, along with many carotenoids. Our pizzas are aromatic, taste authentic and are made with the best ingredients.”

In preparation for the launch of its new broccoli crust line, Spinato’s recognized that its existing packaging – with a traditional, “old school” pizzeria aesthetic – didn’t express the premium quality, freshness, flavor, and craftsmanship of its pizzas. The company asked San Francisco’s Perspective: Branding to redesign its packaging and branding in advance of the rollout.

Inspired by classic Italian tiles, Perspective: Branding created a branding and packaging design system to illustrate that Spinato’s pizzas are delicious works of art.

“The new packaging reflects Italian artistry, which accentuates the delivery of high-quality and handmade frozen pizzas,” Spinato says. “The branding conveys the art of pizza, bringing together the passion and behind-the-scenes crafting in a way that’s unique to Spinato’s.”

The Spinato’s packaging design stands out thanks to its fresh green color and each variety having its own unique, hand drawn tile. The pizza-as-art theme continues on the back panel, with an artist’s palette serving as a framing device for the important product information.

The contemporary new look breaks through in the cluttered frozen pizza category and celebrates the tradition of the Spinato family’s more than 40 years of passionate pizza craftsmanship.

Spinato’s new broccoli crust pizzas are now available nationwide in nearly 1,000 stores, including Sprout’s Farmers Markets and other grocery, natural food and specialty food retailers.

What’s Unique?
What makes the redesign unique is how truly different the new look is within the frozen pizza category. In particular, the bright, fresh green color stands out from both the traditional color palette and visual cues of conventional/mainstream frozen pizzas (e.g., gooey, cheese pull images; top-down shots of the whole cooked pizza, etc.), as well as from the newer plant-based/cauliflower crust pizza brands that are dominated by white (e.g., Caulipower and Cali’Flour Foods). In addition, the Italian tiles were all hand drawn by a commissioned artist which gives Spinato’s an unexpected and refreshing, contemporary spin on the traditional Italian imagery we see in so many other products.