Agency: UPRISE
Creative director: Alexey Astakhov
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Wood coating
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin with paper label

Eco-products popularity is growing every year. This trend can be traced not only among food products, but also everywhere on the market, including in building materials.

Coating TM Woodye – tinting liquid that gives the wood new non-inherent tone. Penetrating into the wood structure, the coating stains it, without forming a film on the surface. In other words, the texture of the tree remains visible, only the color changes.

The main advantage of TM Woodye is a safe composition that does not harm the environment and does not affect your home ecology. You can be sure that using Woodye coating you do not endanger the household and rule out any harmful fumes both during the application of the liquid and during daily contact with the treated surface.

When developing the design, Uprise agency team sought to impart a visual similarity of the product with the object of direct purpose. The stain that allows pine parquet to stain with walnut, oak or any other shade is presented in the form of a real wood cross-section, and the lid shows a section of the trunk informing about the result before and after application.

The concept reflects core value of the product – environmental friendliness and simplicity. And what could be more environmentally friendly and easier for the category of these goods, if not a tree?

A number of containers stacked on top of each other form a tree trunk, additionally supporting the message of natural origin of the product and its environmental friendliness. The idea of a “forest” of cans is also reflected in said image.

TM Woodye is a source of inspiration for safe and eco-friendly transformation.

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