Design: Alexander Cherkasov
3D visualisation: Pavel Gubin
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Packaging Contents: Fertilizers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Green story is a design-concept of fertilizers for the garden. This brand consists of four SKU: fertile soil, liquid universal fertilizer, and also fertilizers for flowers and lawn. This is a comprehensive care for all types of garden plants. Green story — fertilizers are designed for young novice gardeners. They use fertilizers to grow a healthy harvest and refine the garden.

My concept is full of soulfulness and warmth. A round illustration in the center of the package symbolizes the land where a bountiful harvest grows. Naming Green story — not only a reference to the heritage, but also to the history that will happen on this earth. A lively handwritten font in the logo emphasizes the natural origin. This design focuses on the illustration, where the abundant vegetation is beautifully inscribed in a circle. All fertilizers have different stories on the illustrations. linocut technique is chosen to convey the liveliness and naturalness. This technique transfers the power that is close to the cultivation of the soil, but at the same time allows you to achieve noble lines. The paint is pressed into the paper, like fertilizer that seeps into the soil. Each SKU has its own color for better communication with the buyer. Light background of the packages allows to focus on illustration. Typography complements the central circle and symbolizes vegetation.

My concept will be advantageously different from the competitors due to the large symbol that is visible on the store shelf. Both novice gardeners and amateurs will like this packaging.