Derrick Lin


Agency: Garlic Sofia
Creative Director: Georgi Tsekov
Art Director: Miroslav Krastev
Copywriter: Dimitra Mircheva
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chucky’s Coffee&Culture
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper bag
Printing Process: Digital printing

Chucky’s Coffee&Culture had been awarded 6th best coffee house in Europe for 2018. The place has become a hub for young creative locals and opinion leaders in the community. Nevertheless a big part of Chucky’s business is selling their own special selections of coffee blends for home usage. So when Chucky’s planned their new selection, we had to make the packaging appealing to those same urban jungle lovers. And jungle we did.

We’ve chosen 12 exotic wild animals, according to the specific origin of every coffee blend, and showed their inner power, expressed through their eyes. Purposefully using a direct eye contact with the living animals, we keep the viewer constantly engaged with the label, just as the coffee itself keeps you on point all through the day.

Chucky’s believes that coffee is not just a tool for waking up – it allows you to show your full potential, it gives you power, it gives you countless possibilities to be free, to be you, to be wild. Thus – the name of the series – Open your wild.

Since the launch of the series, the packaging has been getting a lot of attention by loyal customers and has been catching the eye of many more. This resulted in Chucky’s launching three more coffee blends in just two months.

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What’s Unique?
Simply, by using the design itself, we created the illusion of the package being torn apart at the middle and a wild animal looking straight from within. Because by opening the package, you reveal your wild side – you “Open your wild”.