Do-Re-Mi Bath Time

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Design: Tan Fa Liang
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Dasein Academy of Art
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Ms.Low Poh Li
Packaging Contents: Baby shampoo, body wash, baby oil & soap bar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Frosted bottle, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital print, Inject print

This is a baby healthcare gift set which used combination of musical, honey and recycle idea as the theme. The target audience is young parents who age within 25-35 years old.

About my packaging’s theme, sound of music can keep the children calm, happy & help development. They are also enjoying when they learn music. So, it should be important part of child’s life! Honey is the symbol of sweetness to enhance the feeling of organic for the parents. If get closer to have a look on the primary packaging, there are actually some visible red lines on it. Purpose of the lines are to create interaction with parents and their kids. If they cut through the cut lines it actually can play as a DIY card box of musical instruments which included guitar, bells, and tick tacks! This idea can help reuse of materials meanwhile having fun with the kids in shower time. *( Provided jpeg of the DIY musical instrument’s edited file due to photo lost. )

Start with the logo & brand, my brand name is called “Do-Re-Mi Bath Time”, it sounds like a kids musical shower. Because of music help developement, so I made a lightbulb which represented “intelligence”! Asam Kelubi had chosen to be the font of title because it bold and special enough to bring out the feeling of funny and kids friendly. Fonts of the lyrics are using Superfats to be contrast with the title font.

The primary packaging chose to make as octagon drums shape and gradient colours of honey which bring out active, happy and healthy of feeling also to stand out the packaging. The packaging design might confuse that what it is at first sight so I put the bold title font which mother can read from distant. Wax cardboard are chose as material to apply on it to make the DIY of musical instruments can be waterproof. Second is the belt which at the middle is for decorative purpose and to hang the Instruction manual at the back of packaging. Inside it are containing four products which are three main products (baby shampoo, body wash, baby oil) and a soap bar.

Moving on to the products inside the packaging, the illustration of packaging is the elements of Nursery Rhyme. There are 3 songs which are “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, “Old Mac Donald Had A Farm”, and “The Wheels On The Bus”. Also, the music icons & bubbles, the element of those songs such as lamb, chick and bus are applied repetition on the stuffs to create consistency. Pastel colour mood of crayon drawing with some brush strokes are to bring out the feeling of children.

There are also lyrics of the nursery rhyme is to enhance the visual meanwhile reminding those parents who forgot that how to sing the song. The three songs had chose from 10 oldschool nursery rhymes which based on survey question that done by 15 young parents. The illustration which show the parts of baby is to assort the baby products :

  1. Baby Shampoo – Pink for “Mary Had A Little Lamb” : This is a shampoo product so the illustration is showing a baby head with the baby bath cap.
  2. Baby body Wash – Blue for “The Wheels On The Bus” : Repetition of bus on the towel and a baby shower in a bowl.
  3. Baby Oil – Green for “Old Macdonald Had A Farm” : Baby oil which use for baby skin, the foots of baby illustration can represented “massage”.
  4. Baby Soap Bar – Reason of no illustration element is because it’s not the main products that I’m going to emphasize.

Lastly, the reason of the type of bottles chosen for this project is because it looks modern and smooth in bottle texture which comfortable when touching.

What’s Unique?
The lyrics on the bottle packaging may brings back young parents’ chilhood memories. Also, it is designed for reusable of the primary packaging. The red lines on the packaging are optional for parents to play with it, either they choose to keep it as a collection or cut it out to have a shower concert with their little loved one!