Nestle – Mega revamp

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Design: Matter
Managing Director: Dina Aly
Brand Director: Mariam Hamdy
Brand Supervisors: Karima Aly, Mariam Safwat
Brand Executive: Malak Abdelnabi
Creative Directors: Magd El Sherif, Islam Hassan
Creative Strategy Director : Mohamed Abbas
Senior Art Director: Mahmoud El Dallash
Art Director: Maha Abdelrazek
Senior Graphic Designer: Nour ElMokadem
Designer: Abdo Mohamed
3D Lead: Amr Fekry
3D Designer: Mostafa Abo El Anwar
Motion Designer: Hossam Mostafa
Finalizer: Bassem Ghobrial
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nestle – Froneri
Packaging Contents: Ice cream

A mature brand
Mega’s maturity over the years has made it a leading ice cream brand, one that communicates a message of indulgence and creates craft, sophistication and composition into an ice cream stick. The brand needed a revamp, a new identity that would reflect its product’s quality and make it stand comfortably, confidently owning its place.

Our Strategy
We started forming a strategy, one that would carry a message of intricacy, refinement and ultimately capture the indulging nature of the brand. The starting point was creating an icon that could carry all of these values and act as a mirror of Mega’s persona, the connoisseur, the chef that works passionately to perfect his recipe.

The Iconic “M”
We created an iconic “M” with the negative space of an ice cream stick forming a positively confident initial, matching it with an elegant custom-made wordmark and creating a sense of ownership in this specific ice cream category, giving it the sense of elegance and premiumness it ought to convey. A golden colored font was our choice to further emphasize on the concept, paired with a rich-in-detail packaging design that delivers on the value of indulgence.

Serving Indulgence
Working on a grid to encompass all the aforementioned parts in an inviting manner, we made it look as if the product is almost serving itself alongside the wordmark, giving both the same weight to demonstrate that Mega is a brand that is all about indulgence from the tiniest detail of the product to the look and feel of every element used on the package.