Agency: Cornershop Design
Creative Director: Damian Hamilton
Designer: Alex Brigden
Project Type: Produced
Client: Artisans of Barossa
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Printing Process: Emboss, Foil, Two colour

“A journey of discovery across a diverse and ancient vineyard landscape. Six origins. Six artisan winemakers. Six expressions of Barossa wine.”

‘Six Origins’ is a unique project created by Artisans of Barossa. Six artisan winemakers were tasked to each produce a wine that ‘maps’ a subregional profile of Barossa Shiraz, enabling the consumer to journey across the landscape and appreciate the diversity of expression possible with one variety in one region. The resulting collection will take wine lovers on a ‘journey of discovery’, through a sequenced tasting guided by the insights of each winemaker into the origins and flavour, character and texture of their wine. “So few appreciate why Barossa Shiraz is so special, and why it is so significant on a global level. And there are currently no collaboration wines out there that seek to showcase sub regionality as expansively as this,” says Howard Duncan, Chief Operating Officer of Artisans of Barossa.

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Cornershop were briefed to bring this story to life in the packaging design. “Our challenge was to reflect each wine with distinction, but create visual harmony across the design of the range,” says Damian Hamilton, brand keeper & designer. “There is one common thread that links each wine – each winemakers love of the Barossa. This concept inspired our design solution.” Red thread weaves its way across each label. Abstract embossings reflect the unique vineyard altitude and soil structure. The story is also expressed in elegant, embossed handwriting.

Positioned predominantly for the Chinese market at just over A$50 rrp per bottle, the packaging design needed to be elegant and communicate a luxurious tone. Within the first few weeks of release, 75% of the small batch produced was already sold to its target market.

“Cornershop’s design nailed the brief perfectly, creating a logical and progressive connection between each wine and the next, whilst subtly ensuring each retains an independent identity. Detailed textured embossing and gold foiling add luxury touches that reinforce the premium price positioning of the Six Origins project and the Artisans of Barossa brand,” says Howard.