Agency: Cornershop
Artist: Damian Hamilton
Artist: Damien Coulthard
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Alkina
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper
Printing Process: CMYK, Foil, Emboss

Alkina is a new story on an old place. Alkina seeks to understand, nurture and ultimately express this beautiful land in its wines, its values and its experiences for visitors. ‘Alkina’ is an Indigenous Australian girl’s name meaning ‘Moon’ or ‘Moonlight’. This name embodies their respect for the land and the many forces of nature that they work with to bring life, energy and authenticity to their wines. Ancient stones and soils, organic and biodynamic viticulture, small scale winemaking and the creation of unique micro-terroir wines, grown and made on Alkina’s estate in the Western Barossa ranges.

At the heart of Alkina is their creative family; their Kin. The brightly coloured range of Kin labels pictured were created in collaboration with artist and designer, Damian Hamilton of Cornershop. Damian created a triptych to work across three labels; inspired by Alkina’s ancient land.

“Mother nature’s elements worked together in harmony to create the unique terroir that produced these wines of distinction. The creekline that carves its way through the property, undulating hills, rocks nestled together and deep layers of soil are intrinsically Alkina.”

Amelia Nolan, Managing Director of Alkina Winery & Vineyard, had generous words to say about the collaboration: “I am absolutely thrilled with this work, you have totally delivered what I was hoping for here. In fact this is probably the best response to a brief from a designer/artist that I have ever received as a first round result.”

Another range of Kin labels were created in collaboration with Indigenous artist and ambassador, Damien Coulthard.

The Field Red label features an artwork inspired by the night skies. “Diverse Aboriginal Nations across Australia share distinct cultural and spiritual heritage with their environments, including the night skies. The night skies; the moon and stars, like the land, are interconnected and part of an intrinsic, interwoven, continuous life cycle.”

The Field White label features an artwork inspired by the energy of the earth. Artist Damien Coulthard poetically describes his artwork as follows: “The ochre pigments used in my paintings are not only symbolic of place, but of the earth below the surface and the raw energy that exists. Similarly, the rocks and soils of Alkina offer this harnessed raw energy of the earth to the foundation of the vines producing the vibrant fruits that create these wines.”