Design: Style You branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: LLC “Trading Group Union”
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Milk, Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Flexography

Rebranding for milk and cream packaging design Chudskoe Ozero
Dairy producer Soyuz Trade Group decided to update “Chudskoe Ozero” cream and milk packaging design. Style You Branding Agency was given the task of rebranding while preserving the image of the brand that has proved itself on Russian HoReCa market and strengthening the functional elements of packaging.

In the process of developing the creative component of the project, the specialists related to the terms of use of the packaging by the cook or barista. The packages are divided according to the fat content, which determines which dishes based on this product can be prepared. In order to differentiate, the Agency chose the most contrasting background colors for cream and milk with different fat content. Strengthening the usability of the packaging was carried out by placing a system of unique icons.

On the front of the package appeared symbols of the scope of the products. For example, cream: for whipping; for hot dishes, soups and sauces; for coffee, cocktails, tea. Whereas for milk: for cappuccino, latte and other coffee drinks; for cocktails. These designations will help both experienced and novice chef, bartender, confectioner, barista to choose the right product for their work in the line of the brand “Chudskoe Ozero”. Also, on the right side of the cream packaging, there is a whole assortment of cream with a mass fraction of fat. And on the milk package you can find the traditional recipe for a classic cappuccino.

The “Chudskoe Ozero” trademark itself sets its own style. Designers of Style You Agency have applied an effective layout of design elements that envelop the logo, create an intriguing multi-layer that does not interfere with the perception of the basic properties of the product. The resulting packaging design attracts consumers to twist it in their hands. For food segmentation, a new approach was used, unlike the existing one (dividing into a glass and a carafe), an approach: a pitcher for packing milk and a jug for cream.