Hard Rock’s Pick

Derrick Lin


Design: Marco Arroyo Vázquez
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: ESI Escuela Superior de Diseño de Valladolid
Course: 3º EASD
Tutor: Roberto Huerta
Packaging Contents: CD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: MD Wood (Medium Density fiber board)
Printing Process: Burned, engraving and laser cutting

Development of innovative packaging which stands out in the music’s lineal. for “Hard Rock Cafe”. The package contains a special edition CD with groups like U2, Bon Jovi, Queen, The Jackson 5, Pink Floyd…

Package based on a guitar pick, element, related to the world of music, easily identifiable by anyone regardless of their nationality.

The main claim of Hard Rock Cafe is “Love All – Serve All”. I choose this reference and changing “serve” by “listen”, an action with big reference to music experience.

“Love All – Listen All”.