Design: Accept & Proceed
Location: USA
Client: Seraphic Group
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Dietary supplements

*Seraphic Group unveils total rebrand and product relaunch of ION*Biome, created by Accept & Proceed

Design studio Accept & Proceed has developed a brand positioning strategy and brand guidelines for *Seraphic Group, including a new name and associated guidelines for its hero brand RESTORE – now known as ION*Biome – which is the first in a major sequenced re-branding project covering a dozen sub-brands *Seraphic currently owns.

*Seraphic is committed to restoring the planet’s natural cycles of human health and ecology which helps bring to market other products and services in line with this vision.

Its hero brand ION*Biome – formerly known as RESTORE – is a health supplement that helps tackle toxicity within the body by strengthening the tight junctions within the gut (seals between cells) that support the human body’s microbiome.

As part of the brand repositioning, Accept & Proceed and *Seraphic renamed RESTORE to ION*Biome. The visual language created for ION*Biome reflects the scientific underpinning of *Seraphic’s approach and their product. The brand aim is to fix both the human biome (micro), and the whole world (macro). The typography on the packaging recognises this with an initial macro read, which on closer inspection has a micro layer of typography that rewards the reader with a deeper level of information.

It will be soft launched across packaging, online and digital, and trade shows from September.

Accept & Proceed was appointed by *Seraphic, which is based in Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States, following a competitive pitch in May. Its work then began with a unique workshop with 18 of *Seraphic’s senior managers which has and will continue to inform all rebranding and brand guideline development moving forward.

Other brands in the *Seraphic portfolio include: Farmer’s Footprint, which advocates for soil health and movement away from the use of toxic chemicals like glyphosate across farmlands and within our communities.; MClinic Intrinsic Health,an integrative health center to tackle the root causes of diseases outside the cycle of medication dependency; and many more soon to be announced.

David Johnston, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Accept & Proceed said: “We at Accept & Proceed have had a dream since launch to partner with and do work that helps the transition towards a purpose-led society and economy. Our partnership with Seraphic Group is therefore a perfect fit, and we look forward to working with other like-minded organisations committed to restoring the world’s natural cycles moving forward.”

Justin Micklish, Chief Marketing Officer of Seraphic Group, said: “Accept & Proceed’s passion for human and ecological health is one of the reasons we knew this would be a strong partnership. We have a shared vision for change and are excited to unveil the relaunch of RESTORE to ION*Biome, as this marks an important chapter for us as we continue to expand our product offerings.”

Before (left) and After (right)