Malabar: Chocolate Bar Packaging

Derrick Lin


Design: Franco Carmona
Location: Peru
Project Type: Student Project
School: UPC
Course: Packaging
Tutor: Milagros bouroncle
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

This was my first project of the Packaging course. The project consisted of the creation of an artisanal chocolate packaging, which focused on sustainability and highlighted the human factor of cocoa farmers.

During the investigation process, different questions were asked: How to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment? How to convey in the packaging the essence of cocoa bean farmers and chocolate producers in the San Martin region in Peru?

The answers were not simple, but it was possible to determine the way to design a less polluting package. Thanks to the use of two inks instead of four, do not use green ink because it is the most polluting in the market and use 250g Flora recycled cardboard, certified by FSC. Indicating that the cellulose used to produce the paper was handled according to strict environmental standards.

Artisan printing techniques were simulated such as engraving to transmit the artisanal process of farmers and producers to the packaging. In addition to highlighting in the illustrations utensils and products of the manufacture of non-industrialized chocolate.

What’s Unique?
I think what makes this project unique is that the packaging in Peru is focused on how premium it looks and the surface section of the product. There are few packaging projects in Peru that care about the process behind and contribute to the planet in a sustainable way. Worrying about being less and less polluting.