Zam Zam Holy Water

Derrick Lin


Design: Nurseit Nasirov
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Wood
Printing Process: Digital printing

Our goal
To develop unique concept for packaging holy water ”Zam Zam”

About a holy water “Zam Zam”

The water “Zam Zam” is considered the holiest water in Islam religion. The holy water pump out from Kaaba stream, which situated in the center of the city Mecca. Within one year about 10 million people visit to pray and take the holy water with them as a precious gift.

What’s Unique?
Packaging consists of 3 parts: a wooden box, bottle with a drinking water and glass.The wooden box gives an image of holy Kaaba and the shape of the bottle represent sacredness of water. In ancient times, people preserved special healing elixirs in this kind of dishes. Moreover, a container of the holy water should be convenient when it drinks. In Muslim religion the water “Zam Zam” represents holiness that is why it made in a special vessel.