Fruit Bites

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Nour Shourbagy
Location: Egypt
Client: Fruit Bites
Packaging Contents: Dried fruits, healthy snacks, dried banana
Packaging Substrate / Material: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Printing
Product launch location: Africa

What’s better than a nutritious guilt-free snack for your kids? Packaging Designs for fruit bites dried fruits.

Mission: to empower parents to change their kids snacking habits.
Challenge: to design characters that reflect fruit benefits that children can relate to.

Mango: Good for skin health it gives a glow to your skin.
Banana: Improves your vision at night.
Apple: Good for your memory & concentration.

What’s Unique?
Selecting which fruit benefit to visualize in which children can easily understand and relate to as something cool and healthy. Character Designs to encourage them to change their snacking habits and prefer eating 100% natural dried fruits rather than any other junk food.