Derrick Lin


Design: Margaryta Feneran
Company: Cocktail Kingdom Hospitality Group
Client: Third Eye Spirits
Location: USA
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Liqueur

For decades, the English and the Dutch fought over control of the Indonesian Spice Islands. In 1667, after much bloodshed, the two empires agreed on a land trade in the Treaty of Breda. The English traded their island of Run, known as the only source for nutmeg and the most valuable real estate on the planet, for a little known island with a tiny trading post in the New World: Manhattan.

This complex and unique liqueur is named after Pearl Street, the final destination of the imported nutmeg. The design charts the spice’s journey across history, and illustrates how it shaped the world. On the outside, the design is deceivingly simple—however, as you peer inside, the glass and the liquid distort and blur an illustrated map, alluding to the hallucinogenic effect of the nutmeg and its mysterious and brutal influence on world history. The events are recounted through symbolism and mystical illustrations, while the eyes of Third Eye Spirits weave into the design, watching history as it unfolds.