Agency: Coley Porter Bell
Creative Director: Steve Irvine
Middleweight Designer: Tom Wood
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Premier Foods
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Flapjack and cake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Gravure

A brand world packed full of Pure Plant Power
Plant-based eating began as a trend, but in the last year has turned into a food revolution. Premier Foods saw an opportunity to use this change in eating habits to launch a new range of plant-based products – ones which are both good for the body and also pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

Plantastic is a plant-based food range aimed at Gen X and Gen Z, and reflects what this audience expect from brands; a promise of health backed up by a bold and passionate brand story. Just as the products are for those with busy lives and competitive priorities, trying to juggle work and play, the brand is about vibrant products that balance both goodness and taste.

Our task was to create a standout brand world that would deliver the impact and immediacy a new brand needs. We developed the brand positioning, tone of voice, and brand identity for application across the range of touchpoints including packaging, posters, t-shirts, and merchandise.

We used our Visual Planning process to articulate the new brand purpose, “Nourishing your brilliant life”. This was built from the belief that it should be easy for everyone to eat delicious food that makes them feel good about themselves​.

We gave the brand a collection of ownable assets to bring its story to life. Vibrant colourful textured gradients adapt to each flavour variant but keep a consistent style to achieve a recognisable colour pallet. Bold and unique illustrations span across the brand used to call out punchy flavours without appearing artificial or compromising taste appeal. A distinctive tone of voice that is fun and playful matching the brand aesthetic. All of this is tied together by the powerful ‘P’ icon which will become a key identifier for the brand across its world. We finished off the unique brand story with a powerful and ownable brand tagline, “Pure Plant Power”.

What’s Unique?
This project is the first step towards what will be a brand that spans multiple categories in the plant-based sector, with the goal of creating an inclusive range of plant-based products for everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. The products are unique in that they feature unusual flavours and ingredients that are both natural and beneficial whilst remaining delicious. The brand is innovative in its approach, its design and its goal.

The pack itself boasts a tactile matte varnish that’s smooth to the touch. This was chosen to give a natural feel to the packaging. A large window is also featured to give maximum product visibility, showing off how delicious it looks and driving additional taste appeal. The illustrations featured on the pack are bespoke to the brand; combining character and flavour to create a look and feel that’s distinctive and ownable.