WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Design: WIN Creating Images
Location: Germany
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Night serum, night cream and refresh mask
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Raw, white cardboard for the packages, cosmetic containers made of recycled glass and partly recycled aluminium
Printing Process: Offset with finishes of recyclable gold and silver foil

This night-and-day concept for a cosmetic skincare range took its main inspiration from our sun and moon. The crafting of the packaging was approached by integrating a minimalist design and information layer with the simple yet iconic shapes of the two celestial objects. SOURCE conveys a clean, enticing idea using gold finishes and refined material to give the pack a premium look. This is the energy of the day paired with the mystery of the night.

What’s Unique?
The gold finish is a hot stamping foil process that works through transfer technology. The transferred foil is so thin, it completely degrades down in the re-pulping process. Since our paper-based folding box is also repulpable, all packaging, including finishing, is recyclable.