Albert Heijn Excellent Tea

Derrick Lin


Design: Millford
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: Albert Heijn
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital

Tea is a traditional category that, despite being constantly in motion, often is driven by smaller niche brands. The consumer needs variation in taste, but is also more open to new experiences and a sustainable origin. Albert Heijn asked us to develop a design for a new range of high-quality organic teas. A new form of packaging had to be devised that would have stand out in the shelf.

While talking and tasting the new tea, our thoughts wandered to the distant countries where the tea is grown. To cultures where tea drinking has a special ritual or social function. We saw the Silk Route before us, with exotic traders who brought tea and the accompanying traditions to the West. This origin proved to be a distinctive starting point for the design. The visual language we wanted to use for this is derived from antique Oriental blue-white tea sets with their beautiful paintings.

The higher teas segment often has to have a brand name or a modern design. We chose to use authenticity and origin to tell a credible and relevant story.

What’s Unique?
The attention to detail in the specially hand-made illustrations for this assortment is extraordinary. This range stands out due to its light appearance and the cylindrical packaging shape, which was unique at the time of the development of this line. Also while opening the packaging, the design remains interesting with much to discover.