Design: Ceyhun Akgun
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Produced
Client: Meridyen Gıda
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Ice Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum
Printing Process: Dry Offset

Cold coffee production and printing is very difficult. Making quality cold coffee requires a long research time. After a long R & D process, the product was prepared.

Can be packed in aluminum packaging, there are points to be considered. Can not choose the colors you want when entering MILK into the packaging. Colors may flow when there is a high temperature during filling.

It has a limited color usage. Within these limited colors, we have created our own independent color category, which represents our products best.

The colors of coffee and milk products used in the world are common and common colors. In cold coffee, we wanted to create a special line for our 3 products in the same color tones and colors that other brands do not use.

We wanted to offer our products to our consumers with the perception of real cold coffee flavor. Since the quality of our products is of the highest level, we wanted the design to provide this information clearly to the consumer.

What’s Unique?
The design has a simple, simple feature. The category contains colors. It is aimed to communicate easily and quickly with the consumer. We chose colors according to their harmonious, strong appearance as a team.

In order to be easy, fast and easy in color consistency, colors and patterns were especially determined in the produced printing system.