Design: Te Sian Shih
Location: United States
Project Type: Concept

OJOY is a product line of traditional famous Taiwanese specialty teas and cookies which are usually used in eastern festivals and celebrations.

Our mission is to introduce these eastern desserts and teas to the western market. OJOY aims to promote eastern customs and unique tastes as an educational and cultural exchange between east and west.

I designed the Identity of OJOY, the inspiration of the identity is the Chinese word 月. 月means moon in Chinese. OJOY’s products are used in the Mid Autumn Festival which is also called the Moon Festival. People celebrate the harvest with their families and friends at this festival. It has a similar meaning to the Thanksgiving holiday.
The round shape is inspired by the moon’s shape.

OJOY introduces a brand new package solutions to families and friends. There are seven packages. One is for all cookies and teas, others for each tea and cookie.