Derrick Lin


Agency: MAGIC
Creative director: Polina Bogdanova
Illustrators: Oxana Grivina, Lyalya Vaganova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Aqua Lab
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Pet food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Doy-packs and cans

The line of cat food, owned by the Aqua Lab pet store chain, is a treat for cats with character: they are demanding in food and give their preference once and for a lifetime.

MAGIC agency was asked to develop a name and packaging design for several SKUs (cans and doy-packs) that reflect the essence of the brand and significantly differ from competitors’ products on the shelves.

When developing the name, the MAGIC agency specialists were guided by the exactingness of the end consumers: each cat will certainly find its own favorite taste and it will be ONE LOVE!

For the same reason, the author’s illustrations were taken as the basis for packaging design, each of which was unique. As demanding and wayward representatives of the cat family, which are absorbed in their favorite taste and literally dissolve in it.

On the package of lamb flavour, the cat is completely imbued with his taste: it has grown horns, spun wool and turns into a small lamb.

The cat on the packaging of the tender chicken flavour is also captured in the process of becoming another creature: it is covered with feathers, and a straw roost breaks through the breast, where several hens could comfortably sit.

A “fur seal” appeared on a pack of tuna food, incorporating all the symbols of the sea: waves, anchors, ropes and fish.

The color-coding on the packages was done due to the different color of the creatures: green eyes – on the package with lamb food, brown mark chicken flavour, and pale blue remind us of the seafood.