Willowbark Potions

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Design: Jaclyn Corallo
Location: Australia
Project Type: Student Project
School: RMIT
Course: Design (Communication Design)
Packaging Contents: Potions
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles, Paper, Packaging Cylinders
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Willowbark is a conceptual student project, exploring magic, witchcraft and luxury packaging design. Willowbark is a range of magical potions, that can give you strength, provide good fortune, and everything and anything in between. I have designed packaging, branding and publication design components for the project.

Willowbark’s branding suite is a hybrid between the aesthetics of 14th-century European witchcraft and today’s modern luxury design. I was inspired by femininity and luxury throughout and created components for the project that I felt represented the witchcraft aesthetics well. I chose a very deep and bold colour scheme, in combination with soft and feminine typefaces, which I feel balance each other out nicely.

What’s Unique?
The product matter and overall aesthetic of the packaging is very unique to other brands and designs. From everything to the colour scheme to the typography, the packaging is different and stands out.