5 Design Tips to Enhance Your Packaging Design 

Derrick Lin


Don’t you check out the package of the product you are buying? Love it when’s it’s interesting and eye-catching? Well, to make such an appealing package, you need to apply some tips and tricks while designing it which we are going to unbox here.

Every now and then a new product enters the market and along comes its package which also has now become an important thing for customers. The market has changed and so does the choices of customers. They today, notice even the package of the products which is why decking them up has become important now in order to survive in the market than just getting lost in the crowd.

Eye-catching packaging design plays a significant role in a buyer’s decision today. Packages are not just containers meant for specifying the product details. They now have additional responsibilities like to attract customers and trigger the purchase behaviour in them. Hence, graphic designers and marketers have to gear up their creativity and level up their product packaging and label design by applying any of the following tips and tricks to enable the packages to speak for themselves.

Here’s how you can provide your customers with a great unboxing experience.

Real Banana Milk by Dongwook Yoon

1. Stick to clarity and simplicity
Never ever, leave your customers clueless about what the product is. Some mystery is good but making them guess everything about the product is not a good idea at all. Your package design must make it very clear about what the product is and what’s the brand behind it as those few seconds of looking at the package decide whether the product will remain at the shelf or goes home with the customer.

The same goes for simplicity. Trying to design too many things on the package will spoil the attraction. Minimal is what people love nowadays and try to stick to that but also don’t forget to include the necessary information on the package as well. Try to use subtle elements, textured patterns etc. which you will get all in the packaging design software.

Luxury Flower Box by Fabrice Mathieu Paris

2. Play on personalization 
Bland, brown carton is boring for customers now. They expect it to have some fun or a personalized element in it. Since the box itself is a product, a package design that reflects the brand appeals to customers more than the regular boxes. A personalised box designed with the help of a packaging design software online will not only be catchy to the customers but will also give a memorable unboxing experience to them.

Paci-Chew Dog Chew Toy by David Hovhannisyan

3. Match it up with the brand
The package of the product must in some way relate to the brand. It can be the colour, style, font, shape, anything that resonates the brand, each of which can be modified using the tools of the best packaging design software. The package must go along with the brand and products in order to maintain the image of the brand in the minds of the people.

A Beer For Typography Lovers by Bodoville

4. Typography matters
The design, colour, images, styles indeed matter in a package design but what matters the most is the text because ultimately it is the content that will make people understand the product better. Hence, the text on the package must be legible and presentable. It should not put a strain on the consumers to read and understand what the product is conveying.

29+ Manuka UMF Packaging by Society

5. Make it productive
If it is the boring brown or plain white box, the package would be nothing but garbage, but you can add value to the package of the product the customer is buying by making it usable to some extent. For example, you can provide something on the package like a design, cut out, text, etc. that can be used by the customers in some way. It will lure customers to your package and its product like a magnet.

The above are some of the few design tips that can boost your packaging design, other than that, be honest in what you are showing about the product on the package, be authentic in terms of design and text, be original, don’t forget the goal and so on while designing the package of the product.

Wrapping up 
Remember, a package of the product is the first impression of the product and hence it must be designed with all the elements that can catch the attention of the customers among thousands of others at the very first sight, which can be easily achieved with the help of custom packaging solutions of Design’N’Buy. To integrate the best packaging design software on your store and to make package designing more fun, interesting, and personalized, reach out now.

About the author
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