Perfume: Boys’ Tears



Design: BQB
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Faberlic
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Perfume

Faberlic, one of the main players in the Russian cosmetics market, developed three new flavors of Eau de parfum for women. BQB agency had a task to create a bright and bold image for the Eau de parfum, as well as to provide the new product with emotional content. The emphasis was placed on a variety of inscriptions with a reference to different feelings and situations.

The new line of perfumes differs in its appearance: a variety of bright and funny phrases that are interesting to study are scattered on the bottle and on the box. They refer to the inscriptions with lipstick on mirrors we usually think about. This design is to emphasize the youth and free spirit of those who use the products. Such a girl is not afraid to show independence and to be who she really is. The bright colour of the words provides a positive mood. Words effectively convey the state of mind of a girl who decided to use new perfumes.

What’s Unique?
We removed the English letter “u” from all three names (graceful, playful, joyful). The changed names not only leave the original message of each of the fragrances but also form a short version of the company’s name, Faberlic, from the two new last letters. The brand name itself put in the heart to show love for the brand. Each of the three fragrances in the collection is playfully entitled to match the mood: “graceful”, “playful” and “joyful”. The new name in combination with the design remained easily to pronounce and to remember. These fragrances successfully fit into the Faberlic line of perfumes and are bestsellers.