Reunion Ales x Flamboree! Collaboration Cans

Derrick Lin


Agency: SAINT Design
Creative Director: Paul Lynch
Illustrator & Designer: Sinead Floyd
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Flamboree!
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital printing on silver substrate with matt finish

In-store exclusive Reunion Ales x Flamboree! collaboration cans by SAINT Design.

Flamboree! is a tarté flambee restaurant independent that we branded, they chose award-winning Reunion Ales as their exclusive house beer. The original cans are clean and minimalist in design but Flamboree! wanted them to fit within their look and feel which is the exact opposite… we got to embark on collaboration and ‘flam-ify’ the range for them.

We wanted to create a set of cans that each focused on a different graphic execution but that still felt like a family when seen together. This was done by experimenting with various styles within the Flamboree! brand such as its hand-drawn typography, pattern work, brand ambassador character, illustration style and bold colours palettes.

Flamboree! is rich in Alsace heritage (as it’s where the base product originated from) and this fueled all the story-telling in the brand, which is what we explored on the cans too. The IPA being the simplest can uses the brand typography and bold colours. The lager can is more ingrained in the story and has a pattern of storks on it which is a good luck symbol in Alsace along with a play on words of how you pronounce ‘luck’ in German, also playfully the sound you would make if you gulped down your beer. The pale ale can has the brand character Klaus on it interacting with the ingredients of the beer as it’s a beer rich in flavour. The gluten-free pale ale has a cityscape of Alsace on it with the lovely traditional signs and buildings.

The cans were printed with a matte finish to match the raw look of them, really nice to touch.