Design: Morgan Hicks
Photographer: L&S Studios
Display: California Model & Design
Vinyl Labels: Plotnet
Location: United States
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Tutor: Thomas McNulty
Packaging Contents: Canine Skincare Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Vinyl, Acrylic
Printing Process: Digital printing on adhesive matte vinyl

Wag is a prospective new extension to the Method brand that features skincare products for man’s best friend. Non-toxic, plant-based formulas were designed for the safety of your pet while remaining eco-friendly for those all-too-familiar outside baths.

The goal of this project was to create a skincare line consistent with the existing values and aesthetics of the Method brand. While the typography, color palette, and graphic treatment more closely adhere to Method’s existing lineup, the POP display draws inspiration directly from the furry clientele. The result is a retail-ready canine skincare line with energy and transparency that visually communicates the values of Method and the products they create.

What’s Unique?
The trick for this project was remaining true to the Method aesthetic while making sure these products could be easily distinguished from their current household cleaning products. After all, mistakenly spraying your pooch with stove cleaner would be nothing short of a disaster. Solid colors were overlaid with a monoline icon motif that runs through the entire product line, and a new bottle shape not inherent to the Method brand was introduced as a differentiator. A unique approach to the toothbrush packaging was taken to allow the package itself to be a sterile case for transport.