Derrick Lin


Agency: Shake Design TLV
Chief creative director: Maayan Reshef Riven
Creative director: Keren Rachmin
Designer and illustrator: Shira Zafrani
VP Client manager:  Einat Mitzmacher
Location: Israel
Project Type: Produced
Client: Altman
Product Launch Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Nutritional supplement
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and Plastic
Printing Process: Process

Our body is our longest and most significant relationship with ourselves, it begins at birth and will accompany us throughout our lives. We have a responsibility to listen to the body, to love it and to care for it, to live a healthy life, to refine our senses, to experience power.

Altman is a leading nutritional supplement company. Altman is researching, developing and selling nutritional supplements, mineral vitamins and probiotics in one common goal to provide the body with healthy habits both in routine and in designated situations such as pregnancy, menopause, etc.

The nutritional supplement shelves are packed with dozens of products with strange and misunderstood products names, difficult to navigate or find what you need. When we re-branded Altman, we realised that while the field of dietary supplements is research-based and developed in the most advanced labs and therefore relies on serious therapeutic visibility, we nonetheless wanted to emphasise the most important thing – which is the sense of vitality and energy that fills you as you take care of your body and habits. Like a world suddenly washed away in colour, there is a new joy and optimism that celebrates life.

This distinction underlies Altman’s new language. Bacteria flasks under the microscope reveal a whole new world, probiotics that turn into stains and vivid and joyous forms. Designing the new packaging portfolio, website, and every marketing touch, Altman will be there painting the world with optimism.