Asda Cereals Re-design



Agency: OurCreative.
Creative Director: Jon Dignam
Senior Design: Joe Wallis
Illustrator: Chris Charlton
Head of Production: Paul Porter
Managing Director: Kim Van Elkan
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Asda
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Cereal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pulp Board, Pulp Card, Recyclable Tray
Printing Process: Lithography, Flexography

In an effort to lure kids away from sugar-packed breakfast products Asda approached OurCreative. to create packaging designs for their cereals range which removed characters. Having reduced the sugar content by 26%, it was crucial that we clearly communicated the health benefits of each product, with an eye-catching design that could hold it’s own against all the big brands in the cereals aisle. Our positive, uplifting design is full of morning sunshine and personality, appealing to an older, broader audience. Each pack has individually handcrafted typography and simple, honest product photography. A bright start to your day!