Design: dreamlike – agencja marketingowa
Location: Poland
Project Type: Produced
Client: Elfa Pharm Polska
Product Launch Location: Poland

Elfa Pharm is a brand from the beauty industry, and since we do beautiful things by nature, it’s hard to find a better connection. See how we changed the appearance of cosmetics from the Basil Element series. We invite you for a short report – from our creation process!

To begin with, we gently removed the original label and then mixed up the ideas and some of our inspiration.

We put on the hot graphic program – as in the attached picture – the main ingredient, i.e. basil leaf. It was he who played the main role – he gave the identity to the whole label, but also to the product!

In the next step, we’ve added the second part of our inspiration – an irregularly chopped landscape that blends in perfectly with the basil leaf.

The whole is completed with our icing on the cake. We decorated the label gently and in moderation – keeping the most important elements of the brand identity – and voilà – everything is ready. Please help yourself!

See for yourself – the shampoo looks best when combined with other cosmetics from this series. Many people have already felt mint in this basil! If you also – products from this series can be found in many drugstores in our country.

We recommend other projects – not only from the cosmetics industry!