Cerveza Artesanal Taio

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Derrick Lin


Design: Jose Luis Poma
Location: Ecuador
Project Type: Produced
Client: Taio
Product Launch Location: Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Cerveza
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Botella de vidrio
Printing Process: Digital

Taio is a craft beer brewed in Valle Hermoso, a magical and harmonious place located in the province of El Oro. Since its beginning they have been identifying their product with an established design …. over time, everything changes and evolves; therefore they have decided to renew, update and make the necessary changes so that your reflects the brand value, feeling and quality of its beer, creating a connection with consumers, thanks to its special design taste is achieved at first sight that invites you to want a drink and taste a good beer.

hat’s Unique?
Packaging, the special touch in our visual design is its typography that was created on a detailed study that allowed us to focus on the service we offer in our product. This design shows a special colour scheme that is elegant and original that impact, at first sight, thanks to the colours we use, thus allowing us to make a difference compared to other services or products on the business.