Flora Origen

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Agency: Sancho BBDO
Creative Art Director: Esteban Fino
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Concept

Flora Origen is a brand that owns the Juan Valdez company, One of the most important brands of coffee in the world, the brand was born in Colombia dedicated to the production tea and frutal infusion for the whole area of the country.

I created a brand identity and a set of seven packagings with its own personality, as part of an extended family of Juan Valdez. Each of the illustrations was built conceptually, with elements and brushes that made reference to flavoring ingredients such as tea or herbs, creating a unique colorful universe for the brand. I tried to represent a fresh look into pastel tones, inspired by the nature, fruits and emotions that the herbal infusions generated.

What’s Unique?
Our client was ready to renovate her own line wellness-drinks. Its basic concept was simplicity and try to give the people a new alternative in the coffee stores Juan Valdez. Cream colors and organic shapes reflect the harmony of this balanced approach to drinking, while clean spaces generates
a feeling of lightness and well-being.