Murganheira Esprit de La Maison


Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

Design: Omdesign
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Murganheira
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pau Santo wood, glass bottle
Printing Process: High and low relief, Stamping

With a contemporary and appellative image, inspired in the original work art composed by a set of museletes that can be found at Murganheira cellars, the agency chose the “Living Coral” colour to the Murganheira Esprit de La Maison Távora-Varosa Sparkling White Wine 2011. The coral colour radiates life and familiarity, symbolizes joy and also represents the consumer’s choice by their most human relations and by social interaction.

There were bottled only 492 bottles in 1,5L magnum format, all of them manually numbered at the collar that is carefully applied by hand, method formerly used in Murganheira’s Vintage bottles.

The noble and rare Pau Santo wood was the main material chosen to give life and shape to the individual exhibitor, also created and produced by Omdesign, for which were selected the best grains of this exclusive wood, highlighting the contrast between the brighter and the darker grains. Its table-shaped format allows to create window displays and tasting spaces in selected locations, as wine stores, hotels and special clients, and it can, simultaneously, be utilized as a glorifier. The illumination was thought to grant a special emphasis to the product, pointing out the different elements, reliefs and details.

The labelling created by Omdesign reproduces the relief, texture and image of the original work of art, overlapped by a “Rustic Blanc” paper where was created a proper texture, in high and low relief, with an element of the Murganheira’s coat of arms.

All the finishing adopted in the labelling, which is composed by overlapping of two papers, and in the premium packaging are in matt velvet, with exception of the information in bronze that are semi-gloss, that gives a distinctive finishing and touch. The coat of arms of Murganheira, by its turn, was reproduced in its original shape and was carefully moulded to be applied in both flat surfaces (packaging and exhibitor) and at the proper bottle. The cork stopper and muselet were intentionally left exposed, like the old Vintage sparkling wines.

What’s Unique?
Murganheira has challenged Omdesign to sign the design of Esprit de La Maison, a unique and exceptional new sparkling wine, produced from the “assemblage” of several Pinot varietals (Noir, Blanc and Meunier), that faithfully mirrors all the essence and DNA of this leader brand in Portuguese sparkling wines, regarding superior quality.