Derrick Lin


Design: Olga Prokhorova
CGI: Alexander Nazarenko
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled cardboard, foil
Printing Process: Hot stamping, screen printing

In the 70s in the USSR, Boris Lakhman created the design of a concrete fence. It was so functional and durable that in the 80s it gained incredible popularity. Everything was fenced by it — from construction sites and enterprises to kindergartens and parks. Few can remember a childhood without this fence.

What did he mean to us? It was a symbol of isolation, forbidden territory, brute power. It was a symbol of poverty and domestic disruption.

What’s Unique?
In this concept, I have the task to clear this fence essence from negative perception. I want people to pick up this package, recognize the shape and smile. This is no longer a concrete heavy monster on metal reinforcement, but a bar of chocolate packed in recycled cardboard. This is a hymn to a passing era, which I hope will never return.